Telling Our Stories

These videographies are of some of our members telling their stories. They are diverse, as we are all unique in our experiences and our road to experiencing our faith. We are hopeful that viewers will find messages of hope and inspiration as they view what we have revealed of ourselves.

The videographies were planned by us with technical and professional assistance from Robert Penn of Robert Penn Productions whose company did the filming. A grant from the New York Foundation allowed us to complete the project and make them ready for your viewing. St. Philips Episcopal Church allowed us to use their site for taping.

We thank all those who believed in this project and worked with us to make it a reality.

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LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent: Telling our Stories

 The biography videos here  grew out of our desire to see our faces, faces of color, on the many websites where same gender loving people are telling their stories.  We wanted to offer balance and reality for all who seek assistance, guidance and hope as they struggle with being a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or …


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LGBT Youth: Telling OUR Stories – Introduction

Our youth bio-video project was a part of our visibility, education and change objectives. Primarily, we want and will continue to, add faces and stories of people of color to fill the void. Our young people were self-referred or referred by a local school. They went through a very intensive training on how to tell …


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