Maddi Reese Tearfully Confronts Her Cheating Boyfriend In This ‘Southern Hospitality’ Exclusive Clip: “I Thought You Were My Person”

After its explosive Season 2 premiere, Southern Hospitality is showing no signs of slowing down. While Leva Bonaparte’s on-the-spot firing of Mia Alario for drinking on the job may have dominated the first half of the episode, the second half was dedicated to the exposure of Charleston pedicab driver Trevor Stokes’ latest betrayal of his VIP manager/DJ girlfriend, Maddi Reese. Maddi was shocked when co-worker Bradley delivered the news that his client, Sammie, revealed that she and Trevor had made out at a bar. Maddi immediately left Republic (in the middle of a shift!) to go and confront Trevor, who wouldn’t let the cameras inside their home to capture the confrontation.

In this exclusive clip from tomorrow’s episode, Maddi and Trevor meet up at a bar to discuss what happened. After they exchange pleasantries, Maddi tearfully tells him: “I thought you were my person.” “I still am,” Trevor begins. “No, fuck off,” Maddi interrupts. “My person would never put me in this predicament,” Maddi says firmly. “If you cheated on me or not, that will come out. This is a small town. We find out everything.”

“That’s why I told you everything the next day,” Trevor says weakly. In her confessional, Maddi explains: “The day after it happened, Trevor showed me the text messages, told me everything that played out that night, that he got drunk and was inappropriate, and I believed him.” She pauses and continues: “The bomb that Brad dropped that I did not know about was that there was a kiss.” After a flashback plays of Bradley giving her the information plays, Maddi finishes by saying, “that’s crossing a line that I would never be okay with.”

“What did you do to Brad? You ruined one of his relationships,” Trevor reminds Maddi as he begins his defense. In the background, a clip of Brad confronting Maddi about her telling his girlfriend at the time that she saw him with another girl plays. “What do you think he’s going to try and do? Retaliate,” says Trevor. “I’m the one who came to you first about it and told you the whole truth,” Trevor points out.

Moved by this, Maddi calmy asks; “Why don’t you call her right now and ask her why she’s saying that you guys made out?” “We’re gonna need a phone charger because my phone died,” Trevor replies. “Are you just a fucking idiot?” Maddi asks angrily. Determined, Maddi takes his phone up to the bar so the bartender can charge it for them. As she stalks back to the table and sits down, Trevor looks at her and asks, “so we’re going to sit here silently until my phone turns on?” Let’s just say, Trevor is lucky that looks can’t actually kill because the glare Maddi gives him is chilling. Tune in tomorrow night at 9/8c to find out if Maddi forgives Trevor once again or kicks him to the curb where he belongs.