‘The View’ Blasts Nikki Haley For Making A “Bigger Mess” Trying To Fix Her Civil War Remarks: “Do Not Say, ‘I Have Black Friends,’ Ever”

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The View still hasn’t warmed up to Donald Trump challenger Nikki Haley, despite panelist Alyssa Farah Griffin‘s staunch support for her. On this morning’s episode, the co-hosts found a new fault in Haley after she tried to fix her failure to name slavery as the cause of the Civil War by claiming to have grown up with Black friends.

Yesterday, Haley “made an even bigger mess” when she told a crowd in Iowa that she had Black friends as a child in South Carolina, co-host Ana Navarro said, as she prompted The View to play a clip of Haley’s remarks.

“If you grow up in South Carolina, literally in second and third grade, you learn about slavery,” Haley said in the video. “You grow up, and you have— I had Black friends growing up, it is a very talked about thing.”

When the clip ended, Navarro sarcastically quipped, “‘Some of my best friends are Black’ excuse,” as Joy Behar added, “That never works.”

Sunny Hostin then raised her hand and asked to deliver a “public service announcement as the Black person on the panel.”

Turning to speak directly into the camera, she began, “Non-Black people, when you are trying to convince someone that you are not racist, do not say, ‘I have Black friends.’ Ever.”

Sunny Hostin on The View
Photo: ABC

Sara Haines chimed in, “And that applies to every minority group. People do it with the LGBTQ community, fill in the blank, with Jewish people, everyone,” as Behar asked, “Why is that? Explain why.”

Haines replied, “It’s tokenism,” and Hostin agreed, adding, “It is tokenism to the extreme. And the fact that you are trying to convince me that you have Black friends just tells me that you don’t, OK? And it’s insulting.”

As for Griffin — who said earlier this week that she will still support Haley in the 2024 election — she admitted, “It’s a bad answer and the cleanup somehow was worse than the original answer.”

Still, she added, “There are generational issues on the line right now … I would support virtually anyone getting the nomination just to stop [Trump] in his tracks.”

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