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‘Friends’/‘Home Alone’ Crossover Theory Confirmed?? Chandler And Monica’s House Is The Same As The McCallister’s, Says Sitcom’s Art Director

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It turns out that Chandler and Monica may have moved into the same home as Kevin McCallister.

According to People, Scott Westwood, a perceptive fan, took to Instagram a few days ago to reveal a discovery of his.

“So I just learned that Chandler and Monica from Friends moved into the McCallister’s house from Home Alone,” he shared in a video.

He then pulled up a clip from the 14th episode of the NBC sitcom’s tenth season — entitled “The One with Princess Consuela” – where Monica (Courteney Cox) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) take Joey (Matt LeBlanc) to tour their new home. Westwood pointed out a particular “house with [a] garage” that viewers can see through the window of their new house, prior to transitioning to a scene from the hit Christmas film starring a young Macaulay Culkin, where the same home is across the street.

“Well, doesn’t it look familiar?” he teased.

He returned to the Friends episode to highlight a house with a Christmas wreath that was visible through the window panels outlining the front door. Afterwards, he showed the scene of Culkin’s Kevin sledding down the staircase and out his front door, where the same “house with the wreath on the door” is once again across the street.

The theory was seemingly confirmed by Daren Janes, who identified himself as “the art director on Friends” in the comments section of Westwood’s post.

“This is hilarious…..,” he wrote. “You caught me.”

He continued, “The actors walked in the front door, so we saw outside. We used the backing from a company called Pacific Studios which was made for Home Alone because it looked the best through the door & windows. Great eye my friend!!!!”

Home Alone was released on Nov. 16, 1990, while the Friends episode aired on Feb. 26, 2004, per IMDb. To live in the “real-world house at 671 Lincoln Avenue in the Chicago suburb of Winnetka,” which was used as the exterior of the McCallister family’s home, they would be in “the 1 percent,” per a recent study conducted by The New York Times. The house was previously listed on Airbnb “to celebrate the release of Home Sweet Home Alone,” the Disney+ reboot.

The outlet also recently reported that the Manhattan brownstone featured in Home Alone 2: Lost In New York is up for sale and listed for a whopping $6.7 million.

Other TV and movie homes have demonstrated their value this year, as the house featured in The Brady Bunch was sold by HGTV in September for 3.2 million.