‘Succession’ Star Kieran Culkin Tells Pedro Pascal To “Suck It” After “Indigestion” Burp During Golden Globes Acceptance Speech

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Kieran Culkin just won Best Actor in a Drama Series at the Golden Globes — and he couldn’t help but brag to fellow nominee Pedro Pascal, who is otherwise known as the internet’s “cool, slutty daddy.”

It all started when Yellowstone star Kevin Costner and Barbie star America Ferrera read off the list of nominees — which included Culkin’s Succession co-stars Brian Cox and Jeremy Strong as well as Pascal, Gary Oldman and Dominic West.

Once Culkin was named the winner of the category for his role as Roman Roy in Succession, he made his way to the stage, where he jokingly called the experience a “nightmare” and demanded that everyone “sit down.”

“Thank you,” he said, before putting his face into his hand. “Sorry, burping. Indigestion. Didn’t need to say that. Otherwise this is a nice moment for me.”

As the audience giggled, Culkin turned to his wife Jazz Charton in the audience and told her, “I’ve blown it already, Jazz. You were right. You said, ‘Just say thanks and leave.’ You were right.”

Despite the delay, Culkin, who has been nominated five times before, continued his speech for his first-ever win.

“I was nominated for a Golden Globe like 20 years ago and when that moment passed, I sort of remember thinking I’m never gonna be back in this room again, which was fine. Whatever,” he said as he shrugged. “But thanks to Succession, I’ve been here a couple times. It’s nice but I sort of accepted I was never gonna be on the stage. So this is a nice moment.”

Culkin playfully added, “Suck it, Pedro. Sorry,” before holding up his statue and declaring, “Mine!”

Luckily, Pascal was a good sport and played along with the bit. In response to Culkin’s boasting, the Last of Us star laughed and then pretended to sob.

As time started to dwindle, Culkin sped to thank Succession’s creator Jesse Armstrong along with the show’s writers and cast. He also gave credit to the “three amazing women” in his life: his manager, his wife and his mom.

“Everybody that showed up — that believed in this thing, that was very cool,” he said as he held up his award. “This isn’t mine. This is one for the team.”

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