Kelly Ripa Refuses The Terms Of Mark Consuelos’ NFL Bet On ‘Live’ Ahead Of The Upcoming Tampa Bay / Philadelphia Eagles Match-Up: “No, I’m Not Eating Chicken Wings”

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This morning’s episode of Live with Kelly and Mark brought talk of football as Mark Consuelos hyped up the audience about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ upcoming match-up next Monday night (Jan. 16).

Consuelos talked up the Buccaneers after the team won their division on Sunday (Jan. 7).

“And guess who they’re playing,” he teased Kelly Ripa, who quipped, “All I know is that this audience doesn’t care!”

Undeterred, Consuelos revealed their opponent as the Philadelphia Eagles, the team that both Ripa and Live producer Ashley Lewis support. While he noted the Eagles have lost their last few games — which Ripa argued means “they’re due for a win” — he highlighted that the team has “a bit of a problem.”

“But their quarterback got a very horrible injury,” he explained. “He got a mallet finger. You know who else had mallet finger? Mark Consuelos!”

He prompted the cameramen to “zoom in” on his injured finger, which he claimed is now “disfigured.”

“So let’s do a little bet,” he teased. “If the Eagles win, I will eat, on Tuesday morning (Jan. 16), a Philadelphia cheesesteak!”

Ripa scoffed, arguing that Consuelos would “win no matter what happens.”

“What is that? A punishment?” she exclaimed.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on 'Live with Kelly and Mark'
Photo: ABC

Consuelos insisted that he doesn’t “put that stuff in [his] body at this time of day,” adding, “I’m gonna suffer for the show, for my team.”

He then proceeded to share that if the Buccaneers win, Ripa and Lewis “will eat Hooters chicken wings,” which Ripa didn’t seem too keen on.

“No, I’m not eating chicken wings,” she said.

Consuelos justified the terms based on Clearwater being “the home” of “the very first” Hooters location. Still, Ripa refused to agree to the bet.

“Why do you get a cheesesteak and we get chicken wings?” she argued. “Why can’t we have cheesesteaks?”

Consuelos pleaded that they’re “having fun,” but ultimately conceded to Ripa’s request for cheesesteaks to be their punishment as well.

“I’m very excited about this,” he gushed. “Because the Eagles lost against the Giants. Who loses against the Giants?”

However, that certainly didn’t go over well with their New York City-based live studio audience, who began to groan.

Ripa joked, “Oh, how fast this audience turns!”

Nonetheless, Consuelos pointed out that the Buccaneers have home-field advantage, as the upcoming game will be played in Tampa.

Lewis chimed in, “It doesn’t matter. We’re gonna win,” as Ripa added some smack talk, telling Consuelos, “I hope that your team can handle the loss.”

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