Drew Barrymore Admits She’s A Member Of The Mile High Club On ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’: “Brazil To New York, American Airlines”

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Drew Barrymore made a naughty confession on this morning’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show. According to the actress, she is no stranger to the mile high club, which she admitted to joining “a long time ago.”

At the start of the travel-themed episode — titled “Drew’s Travel Chaos Show” — Barrymore and co-host Ross Mathews introduced a new segment called “Tips From the Inside,” where they interviewed TikTok famous flight attendant CiCi in the Sky and pilot Tim Griffin, who has over 20 years of experience in the industry.

While quizzing their guests, Mathews couldn’t help but wonder whether the pros had ever seen anyone try to join the mile high club. But before he could grill them any further, he took notice of Barrymore, whose demeanor reeked of guilt.

“Brazil to New York, American Airlines,” she reluctantly told the audience.

After Mathews inquired whether she had seen someone join the club or whether she herself had been a participating party, Barrymore looked down in shame.

“It was a long time ago in another life,” she admitted. “I would never do something like that now!”

'The Drew Barrymore Show'
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Despite Mathews countering Barrymore “would” totally do it again, she insisted that she “couldn’t,” before reminding him, “No, I’m a mother now! This was all pre-mother.” 

This isn’t the first time the talk show host has opened up about her wild days before becoming a mom-of-two. Just last month, she recalled posing nude for Playboy when she was only 19 years old after guest Natalie Portman said she’d never “show [her] boobs” for a movie role.

 “Is that really prude? I’m just always like, ‘I don’t want my kids to see pictures online,'” Portman said, to which Barrymore joked, “I didn’t know there would be an online when I did it. I was like, ‘Good luck finding that magazine under some weird guy’s bed in some random house!'”

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