Jenna Bush Hager Calls Out Kylie Jenner And Timothee Chalamet’s Golden Globes Smooching: “Have You Ever Been Out With A Couple And They’re ALL OVER Each Other?”

Love was in the air at this year’s Golden Globes ceremony!

Many couples made themselves known during Sunday’s (Jan. 7) awards show, and Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb were certainly here for it! The Today co-hosts gave a thorough rundown of the various moments some of our favorite celebs shared public displays of affection in front of the cameras.

“There were some kisses, there was some PDA, which is what we want to talk about,” Bush Hager said.

Kotb and Bush Hager went on to talk about Ali Wong and Bill Hader, who surprised many when they shared a kiss on camera after Wong won a Golden Globe for her performance in Beef.

“Confirming that relationship!” Kotb exclaimed. “Isn’t that kind of nice?”

The co-hosts went on to gush over a steamy moment Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet shared. “This was a lot of [flirting], lots of stroking, that led to a kiss. It’s Timothee Chalamet and Kylie Jenner,” Kotb said.

They then noticed a couple sharing a kiss behind Chalamet and Jenner, which inspired Bush Hager to rant about “affectionate” couples.

“Can we discuss something?” she asked her co-host. “Have you ever been out with a couple and they are ALL OVER each other?… Do you think that couple was like, ‘Let me be as sexy as Timothee and Kendall?'” She then apologized for referring to Kylie by the wrong name.

Kotb agreed, saying, “Yeah because you wonder, as you’re watching a couple be so affectionate, what’s wrong with us? Why don’t we do that anymore?”

Bush Hager added that it could put pressure on you and your partner, and make “you perform” and do “performative touching.”

She said, “It’s even more than holding hands, it’s like…” She then began to pretend to aggressively kiss the air. “Things you wouldn’t normally do! Henry and I hold hands, we touch. We’re not making out. But sometimes when theres another couple there that is, we compete.”

Kotb pointed out that Bush Hager is known for being “competitive.”

The Today co-hosts then tried to figure out who appeared to be kissing behind Chalamet and Jenner in the Golden Globes clip, guessing that the man appeared to look like Justin Hartley or Jimmy Fallon. “Some real journalism is going on,” Bush Hager joked.

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