Netflix Released Over 100 Less Original Movies And TV Shows In 2023 Than In 2022, Despite Hiking Prices To All-Time Highs

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Are you running out of things to watch on Netflix? There may be a reason for that. Bloomberg reports the streaming service released less original programming in 2023 than it did in 2022.

Using data from What’s On Netflix, Bloomberg reports that about 130 fewer television shows and movies were released on Netflix in 2023, which is a 16 percent decrease from the previous year. The outlet also found that Netflix released “its lightest slate of new releases” in five years between October and December of last year.

This includes television shows, movies, stand-up specials and documentaries.

The Bloomberg reports comes after it was announced in early 2023 that Netflix would be scaling back its film output and restructuring its film units, resulting in a number of layoffs.

At the time, Bloomberg reported that the company would be combining its film units to centralize decision-making and produce higher quality films.

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Tech Crunch pointed out that the company already appeared to be scaling back its film output, as the 2023 slate for original films featured only 49 new titles, compared to the whopping 85 included in the previous year’s lineup.

In 2023, Netflix released notable films like Fair Play, Maestro, Leave The World Behind and Pain Hustlers, to name a few.

Despite this decrease in original content, the streaming service is not running out of new releases. Last year, companies such as Disney and HBO both found new audiences on Netflix after they began licensing content to the streamer.

The streaming service has continued to see success even after cracking down on password sharing and cutting back on original releases. They also raised their prices and released an ad-supported plan all in one year.

But will these changes ever catch up with the streamer? It appears not. Even after the great Password Crackdown of 2023, the company reportedly saw an average of 73,000 new sign-ups per day after the new policy went into effect.