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Readers Roundtable

Because many of our readers have expressed a desire to talk back to us and/or to engage in dialogues with us and each other, we are opening a special page for this purpose. The new section will be called: “Feedback and Voices From our Readers.”

If you would like to submit an essay, article, or other comments, please send them to us. A panel will review the piece and let you know if we will be posting it. You should send a short bio with the submitted piece.

Our first reader’s voice is from Dr. Philip Spivey.
Read his essay

Dr. Spivey has an earned doctorate in clinical psychology from The City University of New York. He has over 30 years of clinical experience working with people from all walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds. This experience includes working with Black men, Black couples and same gender loving men and women.

His areas of expertise and interest include treating chemical and psychological dependencies, identity conflicts, depression, life-stage issues as well as fostering spiritual well-being.

Dr. Spivey has taught at the City College of New York; supervised and taught at the Fifth Avenue Center for Mental Health, the Gay Men’s Health Crisis and at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Center — all in New York City. He has also served on the Commission on Ministry for the Episcopal Diocese of New York for many years.

 Dr. Spivey has worked in a variety of outpatient hospital settings including positions as Director of Outpatient Services at the Smithers Center of Roosevelt Hospital; Senior Psychologist at Bellevue Hospital Center; and Program Coordinator for the Long Island College Hospital outpatient alcoholism treatment services.

Currently, he divides his time between the independent practice of professional psychology and writing. He has completed two co-authored chapters that are in press focused on the needs of same gender loving Black couples with relationship challenges; and third chapter concerned with bullying and gender variant Black boys.

Dr. Spivey lives with his life partner of many years, Deacon Sidney Blake, in Harlem, New York.


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