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Guest Columnist: Aimée Simpierre

Minister Aimée Maude Simpierre founder of NuWine Press

Aimee Maude Simpierre founder of NuWine Press the all-inclusive LGBT-affirming voice of independent Christian publishing

Aimee Simpierre, founder, NuWine Press
the all-inclusive LGBT-affirming voice
of independent Christian publishing

Minister Aimee Maude Simpierre discovered her editing talent as a teen when a church member invited her to assist with editing a quarterly faith journal that serviced their 2,000 member Harlem, NYC congregation. She carried her passion for writing and editing through Barnard college and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism where she specialized in magazine production. During her college years, Simpierre came out as a lesbian and in 1999, upon graduation, began working on the national editing desk of The Associated Press and ministering to those who had been ostracized and spiritually violated because of their sexuality. In 2011 Simpierre started NuWine Press, the all-inclusive and LGBT-affirming voice of independent Christian publishing. Her mission is to create a “safe space”  for media produced by those pushed to the “extremities” of the Body of Christ such as the LGBT community, persons with physical and mental challenges, women restricted from positions of authority in their churches, and our allies and friends. Our first book RAW: a Poetic Journey – Finding a Way from Conflict to Revelation is a collection of poetry and personal stories from Christians around the globe, both Gay and straight, on the journey toward embracing God’s radical welcome.

Currently, Simpierre ministers in music and word at The Potter’s House Church of the Living God. She is also the web designer for LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent and works as a grant writer for a settlement house. In 2012 Simpierre and her wife of 18 years welcomed their first baby girl. Her ministry mission is to use every gift she has been given to share the truth of God’s gospel and His unconditional love.

She can be reached via NuWine Press’ facebook page, twitter account: @Nuwinepress or email: [email protected]

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